Scheming with the Coco and Android

I’ve written a program in c to convert urbane compiler written in urbane to an urbane compiler written in c. The result is a program that changes the urbane compiler to coco basic in 1 sec instead of 5 min. It lends itself to installation in Rainbow as an assembler which I have done. Here it is. It has a quiet mode that eliminates all of the unnecessary output.

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  1. earlcasper says:

    urbane1 as it is now called has rather elaborate error checking. As I was trying out one of the earlier versions I kept making these rather serious errors that were hard to find, so I wrote the code to find them. The latest version is BBa

  2. admin says:

    A new version is available

  3. admin says:

    Steven H Fischer wanted a short urbane demo for the coco forum. Here’s mine.

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