Android Basic Interpreter Coco Urbane Style

Urbane basic was created by Steven H Fischer a few years back. It was a Coco basic program which translated a Coco urbane basic text file into a runnable Coco basic ascii file. The original text file could use unlimited significant character variable names and replaced line numbers with labels.

The only problem was it was very slow. I wrote a Windows program to translate the text file into the runnable Coco basic ascii file. Of course it was a lot faster. Unfortunately no one seems to want to use it. Oh well.

Since I got my repository, I’ve been calling my Android Urbane project abicus. Android Basic Interpreter Coco Urbane Style. It’s aiming at translating Urbane text files for the Coco 2 into intermediate code and interpreting that just like real Cocos do.

I’ve go most of the number and string functions done and print, goto, gosub, return, if, then, else, run, stop, cont, end, clear, cls, let, on i goto, and on i gosub.

I added load, save, dir, kill, import, and export.

Editing is now plus-lines, minus-lines, remove-lines, right-cursor, left-cursor, insert-chars, change-chars, and undo last char-command.

The next thing I am going to do is to write my EARL, Easy Assembler Robot Language, program for abicus. It is a very simple game with rouge-like graphics. I’m hoping it will give me a chance to try out abicus and start debugging it.