My Better Urbane

I was trying to add a feature to urbane and discovered much to my dismay that my copy of urbane wouldn’t work. I figured that it just got corrupted. So I went to the forum where I had stashed a copy of the original version for safe keeping, and discovered much to my dismay that the distribution didn’t include an executable. Not to be daunted I downloaded MinGW and the source and compiled it again. Bonkers. It still didn’t work. With a little work I managed to figured out that the problem was carriage return line separators instead of line feeds. So I rewrote urbane for windows to handle carriage returns, line feeds, and even carriage return line feed pairs for good measure. While I was about it I cleaned up the code. Got rid of most of extra files, and made it ANSI compliant. I even cleaned up the parameters: urbane infile -o=outfile -v -l -l=listfile -e=errorfile -x=xref. No parameters lists the parameters. I even included an executable in the zip distriution.

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