Terrific Labels

I’ve reached a new decision on what kind of labels to use. I’ve decided to use the abilities of lwasm since lwasm is available to most everyone. You can have labels of any length and local labels can have any length, too. They are case-sensitive. It makes commenting my program a lot easier. I had noticed that a lot of my comments were just explaining what the cryptic labels meant. I’m copying and pasting code from my original system of programs which I wrote with an assembly language system that had labels with a maximum of six characters. The system I used when I did cross assembly years ago is case insensitive. It would be even harder to move what I had to there. I was going to go with the most restrictive. Six character labels, case insensitive. and no local labels. Supposedly people were going to rush to look it. I’m amazed how great it feels to use what lwasm has available. When I use my old cross assembler it says it is deprecated, use lwasm. I guess that’s the new standard. So far I’ve finished the line editing, edline and have made a good start on screen. I’m having a great time.