March 1 2013
I’ve been using the ConTEXT editor, the mamou m6809 assembler, the Vcc Coco emulator, and the CoCoDskUtil utility.

March 29, 2016
Now I’m using Robert Gault’s EDTASM6309, his web page is; Vcc with Nitros9.vhd, which I have now, don’t know where from, and can’t seem to be able to find on the web; and Louis Fernandez’s CoCoDskUtil which can be found at – For some reason I can’t make secure links with this blog. Maybe my son will be able to. In the meantime you can copy and paste the addresses into your browser.

ConTEXT editor
I fixed up a color highlighter file for ConTEXT and m6809 asm. To use it just drop it into the ConTEXT Color Highlighter folder. You can find the folder by right clicking the ConTEXT icon and selecting open file location.

mamou assembler
I downloaded the mamou assembler from Roger Tayler’s Rainbow IDE because it’s sort of open source, doesn’t need the cygwin1.dll and it creates .BIN files ready to LOAD into Vcc. Apparently Roger Taylor is out of business and I don’t know where you can get a copy of Rainbow so I uploaded one of my copies of mamou.

Luis Fernandez’s program comes in real handy for putting files into and out of Vcc. Both programs can be downloaded for free. One note. If you are using Windows 7 like me you may need to click on the properties button on the CoCoDskUtil.exe file and click on windows 95 compatiblity for the moment to avoid various issues.
Making a DSK file
Once you have CoCoDskUtil up and running select All Files in the File Type Box in the left middle of the page. Use the folder selector box in the upper left and navigate to the folder that holds the files you want to use. The Folder Selector Window shows the path to the current directory and the folders in it. To change the current directory to a folder, double click on a folder to change it to the current directory. When you get to your folder that has your files in it, see if you have the .dsk image in it that you want. If you want a new one, just type TheName.dsk and press tab. CoCoDskUtil says it doesn’t exist and asks you if you want to create it.
Moving a PC file to the DSK file
Right click the name in the PC file list in the middle of the screen. Select the next to bottom item ‘Save to DSK’.
The name will show up in the DSK contents list at the bottom of the screen and the list will turn yellow. That’s your clue to click the save button in the middle of the screen.
Moving a file in the DSK file to the PC
Right click the name in the DSK contents list at the bottom of the screen and select the next to bottom item ‘Save to PC’.
The program doesn’t always update until you change folders and come back or change DSK’s and come back, and you can’t work on a file while it is running in Vcc and sometimes Vcc has problems so I pin CoCoDskUtil and Vcc to the task bar so it’s easy to get it going again.

Aaron Wolfe has collected a lot of Coco documentation at Google The NitrOS-9 Project for NitroOS9 information, but the one .pdf that I couldn’t do without is

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Apparently Rodger Taylor is out of business and I don’t know where you can get Rainbow Ide now, so I uploaded one of my copies of mamou here and changed the name in the post to a link. Hope that helps.

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