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I thought that I would abandon my Pocket C Architect editor because my old computer died and I thought that I hadn’t saved any copies, but I found some on an old SD card, so now I’m all hep to get back to it. It is written in Pocket C Architect, so understanding and modifying it is relatively easy. At the moment it acts a lot like the Pocket C Desktop Edition on the PC except it runs on a palm pilot. Built-in functions become bold when their names are entered, and prototypes are displayed for built-in and user functions. It’s really quite neat. I can hardly wait to publish it here.


I’m blogging. Hooray!

My first computer was a TRS 80 Model I, but when the Color Computer by Radio Shack came out, I fell in love with it, and it has been my favorite ever since. I did a little stuff for the Palm Pilot, I was planning on doing a CoCo emulator for the Palm, but M├írcio Migueletto de Andrade down in Brazil beat me, coconut but now that MESS has a really great CoCo emulator on the PC. I think I may switch back to programming for the CoCo. Just for fun and nostalgia. I’m a little disappointed with Yahoo’s tech support, so I’m gradually switching over to here from my Yahoo page which is