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Blank Lines Revisited

I am so happy. My son suggested that I should have the urbane editor screen and the coco basic listing look the same. I had been feeling good because I was working hard to make the urbane screen look almost alike. Just added a quote mark to the empty line or string of quote marks in the urbane editor before I put it in the coco basic file. Before that I had treated blank lines and single quote lines as special cases. Terrible. When I saw that putting everything in loops so I could handle blank lines and any string of just quote marks simplified the code I was happy. My first try after my son’s suggestion was to change blank lines to a quote mark before I let the user leave a line. That really simplified the code. Happier. My next improvement was to check when the user started to edit a line to see if it was just a quote mark. If so I would empty the buffer. The quote mark was already on the screen. Since it was no longer in the buffer, when the user pressed a key it would go right onto the start of the line where the phantom quote was. There was a bug. While I was trying to duplicate the error, I discovered that I had a blank line in the urbane editor screen. I figured that I should have a line with a quote mark. I returned to coco basic. The line listed and ran properly. I figured out what had happened. I had put a line in the urbane editor of just a space. No surprise that the urbane editor screen showed a blank line. The great surprise was that it solved the coco basic list function’s bug of repeating the last not blank line when it encountered a blank line. Apparently a space was all it needed. And of course one can’t see a space if it’s all by itself. Even better the program ran properly. I found that the end and shift-end in Vcc acted like a space in the urbane editor. If I can figure out how that works I may have the last key I need for delete-line-function. When I’m in coco basic on Vcc the end and shift-end act as break keys. That’s ascii 3. How that changed to a space I need to find out.

By earlcasper

Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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