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Blank Lines for Urbane

I’ve spent about a week working on my urbane project to get it to show empty lines in the editor. Coco Basic’s list command has a flaw. If there are blank lines in the file it repeats the last non blank line. If my user enters an empty line in the urbane editor I replace it with a quote mark in the basic file. That’s the comment signifier. So the program lists with quote marks and runs fine. My son suggested that I should let my user enter a quote mark by itself if he wants to. So I replace his quote mark with a pair in the basic file. My editor shows the user his single quote mark where he put it. My editor passes normal comment lines right through. The last problem I had was when I uncrunched a line from the basic file it showed the extra quote if any. I changed the line buffer and the line length count, but the extra quote mark was already on the screen. I fixed it with a kludge. I knew where the quote mark was on the screen so I poked the screen memory with the appropriate value to make it a space. Four instructions and it was fixed. What a kludge.

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