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I’m working on my immediate version of urbane which runs on the coco2. With only a few changes it will run on the coco3 I hope. I was getting all kinds of weird results when I tried to open a new line at the end of the file. I remembered that I had done a complete rewrite of the uncrunch routine. Turns out I didn’t get the improvement that I had hoped for. I still needed to use a 256 byte buffer. I had these strange results, too. I went back to this uncrunch routine that I had rewritten. I spent a lot of time making it clean. One minor overlook, I pushed one more register than I pulled. When I fixed that it ran perfectly. I had to hold on tight to keep myself from charging ahead and attacking more features. I’m going to put out next weeks pills and balance our checkbook which I was supposed to do last weekend and maybe read in my kindle. Hopefully I’ll be relaxed enough then to go to sleep easily. I just thought of how I can get the results I wanted to with the new uncrunch routine. The coco2 and the coco3 when running in 32 column video mode let one read and write directly to the video memory. It will be a little harder, but I’ll be able to use less memory which might be an issue. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to come so I can try it out.

By earlcasper

Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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