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When I had trouble calling the kbd routine in my crunch program I solved the problem by inserting the kbd routine from my version 002 system into the version 001c that I’m working on now. I wanted to check to be sure it worked all right. I discovered that when I backed up the entire floppy image to the hard drive after inserting the new files, the cursor blinked just once each time I hit a key. I noticed that if I reset the system and then ran the program again I had the blinking cursor that I had worked so hard to get in version 002. I tried making a batch file to copy each file I was using, so I could find out which file was causing the problem. It worked just fine. I never did find out what was causing the single blink. Who cares. If I only copy the files I use it’s faster than backing up the whole floppy image. Now when I update my files and insert them into the floppy image I just run my batch file and I’m in business. I think that I’ll go back to just copying the files that I’ve changed. Maybe run the batch file once in a while. I’m just working on two file right now: ed2 and crunch. I have a name file. If when I run ed2 the name file isn’t there I tell the user to run line 3 to initialize that file to temp.txt and initialize temp.txt to be print “sam”. The load routine loads the name in the name file into to top of ed2. The load routine adds $40 to the length of the name and stores it just before the name The top line is just a long comment. My edit function copies that name into a later spot in the line. Then backspace works on this new name. If there are no characters in the line it ignores the backspace. If there are 12 characters in it already the edit routine ignores the new character. When the user presses the carriage return the edit routine returns the new name in the same descriptor as it was called with. Next comes saving the new name in the name file.

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Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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