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I’m trying to use GitHub. At one place my project saved properly but didn’t load. At another it loaded properly but didn’t save. The save and load are taken care of in two files. I copied the last versions of the two files into a folder to look at later. I moved the two files from the version that loaded properly into the last version. Lo and behold the load worked. The save didn’t work in the version I copied the files from, but once I copied the files to the latest version, the load and the save both worked. Hooray. I’m working on keeping the user filename in a file. Right now it prints the old filename, prompts for a new name then automatically loads the old user file.

Right now my wife’s exercise machine is in the communal living room. The parents want it out of there. We’re the grandparents. I moved furniture around to have a space for the machine in our room. I was just going to move the machine in. My wife wanted me to vacuum the space and spray vinegar on it so the cats wouldn’t be as likely to pee there. I vacuumed most of the room while I was about it. Just before I finished, the canister filled up clear to the top. I had the ask how to empty it. It was still making a noise. I cleaned off the rollers. It still made a noise. I cleaned a lot of cat hair out of the tubes. At that point it sounded like it did at the start. Our floor looks so fine. Well the exercise machine is too big for our door. We’re going to put it in the pantry. It’s quite big. Now I’m clearing out a space for the machine there. I find that when I work a while at chores then a while at my computer project I have the best results.

The weather is very cold right now here. It won’t be much above freezing until Saturday. No riding on my adult pedal tricycle. I miss doing that. I hope to be able to use my wife’s exercise machine in the future. Oh well, more time to work on my programs and projects.

By earlcasper

Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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