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A while back I had trouble when I used a mid mem buffer to copy lines from high mem so the rom interpreter could work on them. Strings messed up. I solved it by copying them to linbuf in low mem. It solved that problem but when I tried to input from a file the input routine wrote on top of the line I had copied into linbuf. I took a couple of weeks off trying to figure out how I wanted to go. Finally I remembered something I had read in the Tandy user’s manual. It was talking about trying to put strings into low mem where variables live from mid mem where user’s machine language programs live. It dawned on me that’s what I was doing when my urbane program in high mem said a$=”sam” and I put it into mid mem where user’s programs live. It suggested that I say a$=””+”sam” to put “sam” into regular string memory. I tried it. It worked.

I plunged back in. When I tried to read into linbuf from a file I got the same error. My son has me using git-hub. Unfortunately I forgot a step. To get the change into my test area. I have to kill Vcc, save my change in notepad++, insert the changes into the floppy image, wake Vcc up, copy the files from the floppy image into the hard drive image, load the assembler, and assemble the file that has been changed. When I got the same error I checked to see if the file had been changed on the Vcc hard drive image. It had. I finally realized I hadn’t loaded the assembler and assembled the file. When I did it worked like a charm.

When I tried to run my Earl program I had a line of garbage on the bottom of the screen. I thought it might be because I had used the buffer I use when I’m highlighting the keywords. I changed it. Gave it a dedicated buffer. Same result. Then I realized that it was the scale line that I fixed up at the beginning of the program. The old a$=”sam” problem. I said a$=””+”sam”. Presto it worked. I wondered if I should go to all the trouble to switch it back the highlight buffer. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. 256 bytes. I remember when the thought of wasting that much memory would drive me up a wall. My whole program will probably be less tan 4k when I’m done. That’s 1/16 of my program. Maybe it is worth it. Oh well. Another day. I tried to put a comment in my urbane program. It didn’t work. I guess you tell how few comments I make. I guess that’s something that’s I should do next. Maybe I can manage to switch the copy buffer back to the highlight buffer somewhere in there.

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Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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