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I have the urbane editor and interpreter written. Unfortunately It takes fifteen seconds to load. It seems like forever. Of course it’s not like when I started studying computers. One run a day. There’s a much more serious problem. I copy the next line to execute into the direct line buffer. That buffer is called the line input buffer for a reason. When I try to do input the input clobbers my commands. I was thinking of sharing the buffer. Write my commands into the far end of the buffer. The problem is that once in a while the input would overtake the commands. And there remains the problem of a buffer to handle reading data from the data statements in the program. I was thinking of dedicating a medium resolution graphics page for my two buffers. Six data pages. What a waste. Then I recalled low resolution pages. Two data pages per graphics page. Perfect. I never use low resolution buffers. I won’t mind. Who am I kidding. No one else is going to use urbane anyway. lol.

By earlcasper

Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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