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Add Top Line?

My son added to his bash tool. Now it includes what I was doing in coco basic. It still takes a few seconds to extract the project files from the floppy image and put them into the proper drives in the Vcc hard drive image. It’s only a few seconds now though. I don’t think that we’ll get it any better. Notepad++ starts at line zero. Ascii coco basic and edtasm6309 that I use on Vcc start at line zero. I wanted to take a blank line away and add one going the other way, so the lines would all be the same. He balked at that. He showed me how I could do the kind of thing that he had done. I went to town on it. When I had my c code finished I called him to discuss it. He was busy. Thank goodness. I went back to developing my urbane project using the tools he had finished. The only time the line numbers matter is when I have asm errors which almost never happens. He showed me how I could type n1,1 in the assembler and presto lines started at one with an increment of one. Just like notepad++. I tried doing part of the development on Vcc again. I just got confused. Now I am determined to make all changes in the git src folder with notepad++. Notepad++ is so much better than the edtasm6309 editor. It’s a world better than the editor that came with the coco out of the box. But notepad++ is much better still. Surprise suprise. It’s only been thirty years. My urbane project hopefully will make the coco work much more like notepad++.

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Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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