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Diary 2020-09-20
I make my changes in the project’s files with notepad++ in the git src folder now. When I’m ready to test my new changes I run a windows batch file made by my son to insert the project files from the git src folder into a coco virtual floppy image. It is very fast. Then I wake Vcc up and run a coco batch basic file to extract the project files and put them into the Vcc virtual drives where I try out my changes. I wrote that. It is very slow. If there are assembly errors I make the changes in notepad++ and repeat the process. It’s slower than just working in Vcc, but the advantage is I can look back at my changes. I remember when I first started studying computers we used punch cards and fan fold line printer output. We got one run a day. Like then I’m much more careful before I try my changes out. Today I put a phantom top asterisk on the screen. It isn’t actually in the file so I only needed to change the one screen routine to achieve it. I also took away the restriction on double blank lines. I noticed that the load routine crashed now. I fixed it. Then I noticed that the load routine added a blank line at the top of the fle. That gave me the most trouble. I realized I hadn’t eaten for seven hours. I ate an orange and I solved the problem in no time. I’m waiting for my cell phone to charge so I can unplug it and go to bed. It finished so that’s it for tonight.

By earlcasper

Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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