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I use the old basic to open the sequential file t.dat. I call a machine language routine to list the user’s file to console out. Then I use the old basic to close the file. I listed the old basic file a few times before I got the message that I needed to do that in a machine language routine. Loading the user file is going to be a harder. Console out is very strait forward. Not so console in. I plan to use a machine language routine to erase the current user file and set up the entry address for the next machine language routine. I plan to use the old basic to open the sequential file for input. Then for i=0 to -1 step 0: line input #1, l$: usr(l$) – (to pass the line to the machine language routine which will crunch it and put it at the end of the user file) : i=eof(1):next:close(1):end (which returns to direct basic. I’ve done each part separately. I just need to put them together. Sometimes easier said than done. Once I have that done I plan to show it to the world here. As though anyone will see it. lol.

By earlcasper

Retired US Postal Clerk. BS at University of Washington. Studied computers at Arizona State University. Lives in Kansas City KS.

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