More on using CoCoDskUtil

April 16, 2016
I have discovered that you don’t actually have to close Vcc or all your PC editors in order to avoid errors when you work on a .DSK image file in CoCoDskUtil. You do need to navigate away from the folder in question in CoCoDskUtil, and open a different .DSK file in CoCoDskUtil. If you did it right, you did that when you left CoCoDskUtil last time. Then you need to close the files in the folder in your PC editors, and eject the .DSK file from Vcc. Once you have made your changes to the .DSK image file you need to navigate away from that folder in CoCoDskUtil and load a new .DSK image in CoCoDskUtil. Then you can insert the .DSK image file file you have been working on into Vcc.

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